Want to burn more calories and boost your metabolism?  Barre is a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates.

It’s about the physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them.  Ballet & pilates exercises at the barre and on the mat tone your muscles, while complementary yoga postures lengthen and shape your muscles (think long & lean like a ballet dancer!).  

The interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. Barre works your entire body, giving special attention to the lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.

It’s fun (and addictive when you see how quickly it shapes your body)!  It is the perfect compliment to your Pilates and Yoga practice. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Non slip socks are required to attend barre.  Either BYO or buy a funky pair from reception for $15 before your first class.  


New to Barre? 
$99 for 30 Days unlimited classes


Frequently Asked Questions

Is dance experience required?
Definitely not! No dance experience required. All types of people take our classes. We offer many modifications and our instructors will make sure you are in the correct position in class. We’re very hands-on and our main priority is your safety. 

Does barre tone the body?
Yep, barre tones — come see for yourself!

Is barre cardiovascular?
Over the course of a class, your heart rate will go up and down. And up, and down.

Will I bulk up if I do barre?
No. That’s the beauty of barre. Most of the exercises use your own body weight rather than heavy weights and incorporate lots of active stretching, allowing you to achieve longer, leaner and stronger muscles in the same way that Pilates, Yoga and TRX do.

How often should I attend barre classes?
Aim to add one barre class in each week, in conjunction with your regular Pilates and Yoga class.  Why not try our Barre and TRX combo class to get the best of both worlds!

Can I take class if I am pregnant or recently had a baby?
Always consult your doctor for their clearance first. Moderate exercise during and post pregnancy is recommended and helps women feel healthy and fit. We offer a specific Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond workshop that is run in four week blocks.  This course is the most suitable for you as it delivers specific training to meet you needs every week, plus it shows you how to modify exercises in regular classes so that you can keep exercising as long as possible before your birth and return as soon as you're ready.  Barre in conjunction with our Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond course is highly recommended.

Why do I have to wear socks?
Traction! We need your focus on the muscle group we’re targeting, not on trying not to slip.  Bring your own grip socks or buy a pair from us ($15) before class.