Beginner Course

Has doing Pilates been on your "to-do" list for a while?

By completing these friendly and encouraging classes you’ll become familiar with basic Pilates repertoire and principles.



Done some Pilates before and still remember the basics?

Essentials will be the perfect level to get back into your regular workout. Lengthen, strengthen, and enjoy the relaxation that comes from mind-body training.



Ready for more of a challenge?

Experience dynamic, continuous, fluid classes which cater for different levels of ability, as always offering modifications so you can work at your own level.


Tone & Stretch

Feel toned while gaining more flexibility!

This class uses a variety of apparatus including toning balls, foam rollers, therabands and more to enhance your movement experience and give your body feedback. Feel your range of motion improve and become more toned while expanding your Contemporary Pilates repertoire.


Pregnancy in Motion

Are you a mum to be or already a mummy?

Pregnancy in Motion prepares you for labour and delivery, and your journey as a healthy, strong mum, energising and rejuvenating your body before and after birth. The focus is to maintain good posture through out Pregnancy, to have a good understanding of the pelvic floor and to prepare the upper body for carrying and breastfeeding. Mum and Bub are welcome back after 8 weeks. Bookings required to guarantee class.

Yogalates Flow

Is a delicious fusion of Vinyasa Yoga & Pilates designed to create a healthier and more attractive you form the inside out! It reshapes the body by sculpting and elongating your muscles giving you a streamline shape and a longer and leaner look. It tones the mind and the fluid movements invigorate the body, bringing about a calmer,  centered state of being that provides pure vitality, strength and flexibility.

Private Session

Can’t make it to a Beginners Course or do you want the personalised undivided attention of your own Pilates Instructor? Then book an individually-tailored Private Session. Alternatively, if you and your family or friends want to practice together and achieve your specific goals, this is a great way to train in a personalised environment.


Remedial Pilates

If you have moderate spine, pelvic or shoulder issues, disc problems or a constant dull ache in your lower back or neck, pelvic Floor issues or other niggles, Mumu is trained in Remedial Pilates. This training will broaden your understanding of posture allowing self-management of your pain, and re-educate your neuro-muscular system to move in optimal patterns reducing the likelihood of aggravating your injury again. Mumu can work hand in hand with your Osteopath, Chiropractitioner, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and many more Manual Therapists methods.