Our story began back in 2008 when Gemma crossed paths with Martina and Karin for the first time.  Gemma had been teaching Studio (equipment) Pilates in rehab settings for several years and was wanting to deepen her knowledge of Pilates Matwork.  She enrolled in Pilates Flow, an intermediate matwork course with art of motion and was immediately impressed by the intricate detail of every aspect of the course.  It was unlike any other she had taken in Australia or overseas.  She was also greatly inspired by the passion and knowledge of Karin, who began art of motion, and her team of staff which included Martina.  

Gemma went home on the first evening of that course and told her husband "I have just met these two amazing women and I don't know how or when, but I am going to work together with them one day".  She later found out Karin and Martina had the very same conversation about her the same night.  Gemma then enrolled in every course offered by art of motion and shortly afterwards became the Business Manager of the Australian branch of the company.

Motivated by their shared vision, for creating a unique holistic movement studio that delivered the highest quality matwork classes in Perth, the three women opened the doors of Sense of Space in July 2010.  Initially offering only Contemporary Pilates, Sense of Space has slowly grown to incorporate all aspects of our original vision, including yoga classes, meditation courses, prenatal classes and a range of holistic wellness workshops.