I’d never felt comfortable enough to stick at anything prior to Sense of Space - I always felt intimidated by the ‘cool’ people and the austere vibe of places, or alienated by the teaching style, so after a class or two, I’d never go back. Sense of Space is the first place that I’ve been able to go where I feel that the teachers are genuine and kind, and even the clients are friendly and open. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being judged (particularly when you are sweaty and gross and twisted into an unflattering pretzel shape!), but I’ve never ever felt uncomfortable or judged at Sense of Space and that’s one of the reasons that I love coming. You guys have done a beautiful job in maintaining an open, welcoming environment - coming to class really has become one of the highlights of my week :)
— Leigh Thompson
It has been fantastic for me! I used to have trouble with back & shoulder pain spending quite a lot of money on remedial massage to help relieve the pain, since I started I have had no troubles with my back & am looking fitter for the change! The membership is great value for money, the teachers varied in their style and professional. Anytime I have had any troubles with admin a quick email & all is resolved. Sense of space creates a lovely atmosphere in which you can learn at your own pace.
I love walking into the S of S Studio, the feeling is warm and welcoming. I am greeted warmly by staff and other clients.
This is probably the first time I’ve actually stuck with a new class for longer than about 2 weeks - I’m really loving it. Your team of instructors are gorgeous and I’m noticing results already.
You’ll be stuck with me for a while i think :)
— Sally Adams
The classes have really improved my awareness of my body so I no longer hunch my shoulders! All of the instructors are very friendly and very good.
Friendly atmosphere which is void of competitiveness.
Love the opportunity to try different types of classes for excellent price in one place
Clear professional directions from people who know what and how to direct a class.
Quality and depth of understanding of the body and all the extra options that the instructors give for when a person needs it.
Your studio is great and I love the online booking system- there’s nothing worse than an overcrowded space ;)

The intro offer is perfect for me as I’m just trying to figure out which style of yoga I like the most.
— Renee Jagger
I love Sense of Space!
— Kirsty Chisholm
Loved my first class! I felt very stretched and relaxed on my return to work afterwards. The instructor was gorgeous and her passion for her job shines through. I also liked that she didn’t make the ‘newbies’ feel out of place.

Really looking forward to the next class tomorrow.
— Dianne West
I have loved loved every class.. unfortunately the logistics for me has been a nightmare! I live in Doubleview and work in Bayswater.. so the travel and traffic at the times i can make it make it difficult mission. However I want to praise your ladies and their classes. i am really enjoying them!

if you ever move studios let me know - yoga and pilates is something i would love to have apart of my every day lifestyle!

Thank you, again.
— Caitlin
I’ve really enjoyed the lessons.Your instructors are first class.
— Roger
Loved it! I was a little worried i wouldn’t be able to do cope, but it was great.
Ill be definitely be back.
— Sandra Zurzolo
Expert tuition in a beautiful studio environment. I’ve been coming over for more than a year and I still learn something new every class. The team are very nurturing and encouraging and I’m inspired by their ongoing enthusiasm and commitment to making every class brilliant! My body and mind (and family) are benefiting from my time spent at SoS - thanks team!
— Erin Bourne (August 2017)
I am still thoroughly wrapped in the classes and they have been an enormous benefit to me and my long suffering lower back issues . My flexibility has improved considerably .
Before Pilates I would attend a Chiro about once a week just to help with the lower back .I have not attended the Chiro for months now despite living a full on active lifestyle with a lot of active sport ,boating etc .
— Greg Pearce. Nov 2016. (Joined Jan 2016)
I’ve been to lots of Pilates classes here and while we were living overseas and my favourite teachers have always tended to be based at your studio. Since moving home to Perth recently I have been living in Southern River and drive 30+ mins to get to Martina and Kelly’s classes. I think my family thinks I’m nuts since there’s a Pilates studio around the corner from home! It’s worth it though. As well as having awesome teachers I find the studio space really relaxing.
— Jodi S, Feb 2017
I am really loving yoga at Sense of Space. They are some of the best yoga classes I have done and I come away feeling relaxed and peaceful but also like I have really worked. I can definitely feel myself gaining strength and more flexibility.
I am loving the classes and have been to your studio more times in the last week than I had been to my gym in the last two months :)

If you have a customer service survey please let me know - you’ve been so helpful and great dealing with all my emails over the last 2 weeks! I’ve spread the good word of your studio to my friends and should have a friend coming with me Thursday morning!
— Adeline Goh
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your TRX class this morning!!! It was an awesome class very different from the other offerings at Sense of Space with more of a strength and fitness emphasis, but the Pilates elements you threw in worked so well during the session.

I am notoriously lazy on a Sunday but I have every intention of making my way back to another of your classes.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it :)
— Bonnie Furzer - Exercise Physiologist
I am now relocating to Melbourne in late January. I would like to let you know though that I absolutely love the studio and I’m disappointed I didn’t find you sooner! I have had the best experience so far and you have done such a great job with the set up, I love how clean and organised everything is (I am on o.c.d freak) the classes always run so smoothly and the teachers are so experienced and friendly. I have recommended you to a few of my clients so I hope they come and try you out as I’ve tried a lot of studios in Perth and your is by far one of my favourites.

Thanks again
— Alisha Reppucci
I really enjoyed the class with Porsha, it was at a nice slow pace with helpful verbal descriptions which allowed me time to process what the poses are meant to feel like and practise them during the repetitions.

I’ve jumped into a few classes over the years in different today centres and last night learned the value of going to a beginners class first- I finally know what the cobra pose is!
— Denise O
It is with much sadness that I wish to cancel my membership due to moving down south. My last class will be Kayoko’s candlelight yoga on Sunday 22Feb15.

I have enjoyed every class I have undertaken with your wonderful instructors. Can you please pass on my comments to each of the following:

Porscha - very challenging classes but with plenty of encouragement - I have loved doing yoga with you Porscha. Your calmness creates a lovely atmosphere along with your loving and caring nature.

Natalie - also challenging - thank you for always being so bright and happy - especially on Saturday mornings when it can take a bit to get going. I am always glad that I attended - afterwards!!

Martina - you always have me laughing, such enjoyable pain! I was a Pilates virgin when I joined and now I love it. Thank you so much for getting me to places I never thought possible. You are the spiky ball queen!!

Kayoko - your candlelight yoga is my favorite class of all. It is just such a beautiful relaxing class. I wish it went for 2 hours! At the end of the weekend - it is just what is needed. When we finish, I feel like my body and mind has been renewed - gently. Thank you

The Studio is always very friendly and has a very nice calming feel to it which is brought about by the lovely classes held there. Keep up the good work. I hope to continue my yoga and Pilates down in Denmark - but I don’t think I will be as lucky with my instructors - your the best!!

Thank you again, Wendy.
— Wendy D
Staff are able to cater for different ability levels, and having recently had an operation, coming back the staff are able to direct me to be kind to my post op body ability.
I have been meaning to write to the manager and let them know how truly wonderful your staff are. Special mention to Martina and Leonie - I am always thoroughly impressed with how much effort they put in to making each class so different from the last. Each and every week is carefully structured which keeps it fresh and exciting to come along each week. The attention they put into monitoring how every member is performing in the class, and correcting technique where needed, is so impressive and much appreciated also. Whilst there can be a mix of ability in each class, I always feel each person is given the chance to maximise their ability on their own level. Aside from the class structure, these two ladies make such a positive environment to come to. I look forward to attending their classes not only because of the physical benefits but the positive vibe I am guaranteed to experience whilst I’m there. It is truly both a physical and mental health experience, and has helped be greatly to balance my heavy study load with looking after myself, thank you all!
— Emily Berry
I am very much enjoying the classes and easing into it. The classes are great and staff are lovely.
— Renata Kaweczynski
I’ve just done my first bring your own mat yoga class at St. Andrews with Natalie. It was a brilliant class - so much so that I feel compelled to write a quick message to say how much I loved it.
— Michelle Willis
What a beautiful space and the staff member, whose name now escapes me, and the instructor were delightful and so welcoming.
— Gill Ford
I’ve tried many pilates and yoga studios but Sense of Space is outstanding. All the teachers are highly professional, inspiring and friendly. The location is excellent and the studio airy and calm. I’ve found what I was looking for at last!
— Anu B
I was coming to you guys for a few years before I moved over to Como. After trying several Pilates studios and eventually not going to formal classes anymore, I injured my back cycling too far up hills last week...I started back with you guys again last week, and you are even more organised than ever. So good and so professional. Lovely light studio with lots of room (particularly compared to other studios).
I had my first class back with the lovely Leonie. Brilliant class. I felt so much better already.
Looking forward to feeling great again.
Thank you.
— Lisa Kleidon
I started pilates at Sense of Space 5 years ago when I was recovering from a serious accident and in pain most days. Since then I have grown stronger, more aware of my body and free of pain thanks to what I have learnt there. I love that each week I still see the same teachers I’ve had from the beginning (Martina and Leonie) and that they know my strengths and weaknesses. I love the friendly family atmosphere that Gemma has created in the studio so that people genuinely care about each other. I also love the recent addition of yoga that adds another layer to our practice... Good for mind and body.
— Nicole Barbarich
Fantastic instructors, really good quality teachings, flowing classes. it’s a class above the rest.
Really like the friendly attitude you guys have, very client focused and it is obvious you care about the business and your clients.
2014 - Just to let you know that our first week has been great and we’ve managed five classes, so feeling very happy! All the teachers have been great, the space is lovely and we’re really enjoying ourselves. Starting to feel the benefits already which is a surprise.

2015 - Happy that we’re all set to go for another year. Thanks so much and to Sense of Space for creating such a wonderful studio and providing such great teachers – we are loving it!
— Melanie Bettenay
I have loved the classes so far!
— Ella Burke
Since I started coming to Sense of Space I have grown much stronger and my back pain, which was constant, now hardly bothers me. I love Sense of Space and Pilates and I tell everyone that it is wonderful...!
I like the relaxation, it really does help! I also like all the equipment provided, it makes it easier not worrying about taking anything. All the trainers are great, so friendly and welcoming.
I love sense of space, not only great classes with brilliant instructors but a very good personal service too.
— Julie Callanan
Thursday’s class was my first ever attempt at pilates (I’ve typically practised just yoga) and I absolutely loved it! I’ve already scheduled myself in for a couple more classes over the coming weeks, and I cannot wait!
— Dell Marie Butler