Autopay Duration and Automatic Renewal: Autopay effective from the membership start date for a minimum of 6 debits (fully paid only, promotions not included), with automatic renewal for subsequent fortnights, unless cancelled by Sense of Space or by yourself, with notification of 30 days in advance of the next billing date.

Agreement to Pay Recurring Fees:  Client agrees to pay Sense of Space fortnightly recurring fees for the agreed amount via client's authorised credit card including cancellation payments associated with this contract. Your membership price is guaranteed for 12 months.

Please read and agree by ticking below:
1. I agree to purchase Membership for the agreed amount as an automatic charge to my credit card account each fortnight for a minimum of 6 debits as per the 30 day cancellation period.

2. I understand that if my credit card is declined, a failed payment fee is payable by me/us to Ezidebit as per DDR Service agreement. This fee is $5 and will be charged per occurrence.

3. I understand that Sense of Space have the right to terminate contract should my account become more then 30 days late.

4. I agree in order to cancel my membership, a completed request must be submitted in writing at least 30 days in advance in order for my request to be effective from the following month. Billing date is based on your activation date listed below. This request can be emailed to  Please note that your minimum time commitment must be observed.

5. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

6. I acknowledge a 2 hour cancellation policy is in place for all classes. No shows will incur a $15 fee (60 min class) or $7.50 fee (30 min class) that will be charged to my card. Schedule changes within 2 hours of my booked class will incur an $8 fee (60 min class) or $4 fee (30 min class) that will be charged to my card.

Please note that cancellations will not be accepted via email or telephone.

7. I understand that this authorisation will remain in effect until I cancel the Membership Agreement and/or Authorisation in writing, and I agree to notify the studio in writing of any changes in my Credit Card/Account details at least 7 days prior to the next billing date. In the case of a transaction being rejected, I understand that Sense of Space may at it’s discretion attempt to process the charge again with 30 days. I certify that I am an authorised user of this credit card/account and will not dispute these scheduled transactions with my financial institution, so long as the transactions correspond to these terms and conditions I have agreed to by purchasing this contract.

8. I understand that Sense of Space will allow me to freeze my membership, for free, once, for up to 14 days every calendar year. Suspensions longer than 14 days will incur a $5/week fee and will allow me to maintain my current membership rate, regardless of any price rises that have occurred since I became a member. I understand that Sense of Space may close or run a reduced timetable for Public Holidays and over the Christmas break and that I may request a freeze of my membership as per the terms of this Membership Agreement if I wish to at these times.

9. I understand that Sense of Space is a paperless, online business. Any manual changes that I require to my account will incur a $20 Administration Fee.

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