Every cell in the body is affected by movement. The brain improves as we use our muscles, which, in turn, grow with use. Movement training can prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, the paralysis of MS and Parkinson’s, and delay the effects of ageing since neural pathways open and increase as we learn new activities. Your memory will improve, you will become more creative, and you will look forward to each new day with the excitement and vigor not experienced since you left the playground of your youth. It’s time to go back to the playground and never leave it again.
— Stephen Jepson of 'Never Leave The Playground'


Balance Play is brain and movement training that focuses on play and games to improve balance, stability and coordination. You will have a huge amount of fun using a variety of toys, equipment and games, while challenging your mind and body. Beginners welcome. No experience necessary. 

The most common issue people raise before booking their first Balance Play class is along the lines of...."My balance is terrible! Can I join in or not?".  This class can be modified all the way down for injured people who need to sit in a chair and all the way up for advanced students and movement teachers.  A good sense of balance definitely is NOT a prerequisite for joining this class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Non slip socks are required to attend this class.  Bring your own or purchase a funky pair from reception for $15 before class.  


New Client Offer
$99 for 30 Days unlimited classes