Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Gemma James

Gemma became interested in Pilates 18 years ago after experiencing a severe back injury in her early 20's.  She was eventually discharged from care by her team of rehab specialists, but was unable to return to a normal level of function and was living in chronic pain.  Pilates was rare in Perth at that time but was the very thing that brought Gemma back to a level of function that surpassed her expectations.  Her pain gradually disappeared.  As she became stronger and more mobile than she (and her previous team of rehab specialists) ever thought possible, her joy in movement returned.  This led Gemma to change careers and become a Pilates Instructor, focused on exercise rehabilitation. 

Gemma discovered Contemporary Pilates 8 years into her career, and then Slings Myofascial Training several years ago.  She undertook further Diplomas in both educations and now integrates these wonderful body (and life!) changing concepts into all of her classes.

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Martina Palmer

Martina co-founded Sense of Space with Gemma and Karin in 2010.  Martina has had a life long passion for movement which started with athletics and playing handball for Slovakia in 1992.  Today she is a lecturer and assessor for art of motion training in movement, and a self confessed anatomy junky.

Martina loves to choreograph functional and fun sequences in her classes and incorporate the use of small props to invigorate, challenge and stimulate our clients' bodies and minds.  Martina wears her heart on her sleeve and her passion, compassion and enthusiasm are contagious!


Leonie Fancourt

Leonie is orignially a Queenslander who moved to Perth over 10 years ago and loves Western Australia.

Discovering Pilates at the age of 30 she was excited to find it encompasses her life-long passions of dance, exercise, movement and healthy living.  Having worked as a nurse for over 10 years, Leonie now focuses more on promoting health and reducing the risk of illness and injury.  

On a personal level, Pilates has absolutely revolutionised Leonie's life, health, energy levels and outlook.  She gets immense satisfaction out of encouraging and empowering people to make changes that will see greater holistic wellness, functionality and energy in their everyday life and future.  When not doing Pilates, she enjoys travelling, snowboarding, just being outdoors and spending time with her husband, friends, family and dog.

Domonique D'Souza

Dominique started her yoga journey in 2010 initially as a form of physical exercise however she immediately fell in love with the clarity and sense of peace that came from the practice. In 2014 she adopted a daily practice and during this time began to notice yoga moving beyond the mat and into her everyday life.

Through her daily work as an Occupational Therapist she realised that health and wellbeing needed a more holistic approach and in early 2015 travelled to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, to complete her teacher training. This was followed by five months of further training in other styles of yoga, meditation and alternative therapies in Ubud.

Dominique’s teaching style is a blend of her own experience – drawing on her traditional Hatha and Ashtanga training and infusing it with a modern Vinyasa practice to create a dynamic flow. She is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, with modifications and adjustments for the beginner to the more seasoned yogi.

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Sarah Norton

Sarah began her yoga journey attending local community classes with her mother when she was a child. In 2012 the practice became more serious for Sarah as she began to see the benefits of yoga in all aspects of her life. After adopting a daily Hatha practice into her routine she decided to start her training to become a yoga teacher. 

Sarah travelled to Rishikesh in 2015 and completed her first teacher training in the style of Hatha. After teaching in London for two years she travelled again to India, this time to Goa, and trained in the style of Vinyasa. Sarah enjoys blending styles and techniques for her students, and specialises in yoga for beginners.