Welcome to our doTERRA team!  You have enrolled into a fabulous team and we are so excited you have joined us as a Wellness Advocate.  Below is some essential information and great resources for you.

Annelise Remigio is our essential oils guru at Sense of Space.  You have probably been to one of her workshops. Feel free to contact Annelise if you would like her to:

  1. offer a friend or family member a free Wellness Consultation
  2. run an essential oils class for a group of your friends
  3. mentor you, if you are looking at starting an essential oil business

(M) 0458 331 999

(E) annelise.remigio@gmail.com.  

Our team leader is Helen Duke from Heart Of Essence.  We recommend you join her secret group on Facebook, called Hel’s Angels as this is a wonderful forum for asking questions, getting tips on how to use your oils and keeping up with the events that are happening in Perth.  Because this is a secret group, you will have to submit a friend request to Annelise, so she can add you to the group.  Do this by searching her email address in Facebook.  Her email is annelise.remigio@gmail.com.  Go and friend request her now, she is waiting for you!


Helpful Resources

The Australian doTERRA office’s number is 02 8015 5080 à they’re open Tuesday-Saturday as they are actually a call centre in USA.  You can also email them at australia@doterra.com.

Books and Apps we recommend


The Loyalty Rewards Program

Discover how you can earn free product every month and receive 100% of your shipping costs back as product points to shop with here.


Additional Resources For Using Your Oils 

  1. Read our blog post on caring for your diffuser and product information about the oils in Home Essentials Kit.
  2. Visit DoTERRA's blog for recipes, DIY cleaning products and more uses for your essential oils.  
  3. Subscribe to DoTERRA's youtube channel, watch out for the Tuesday Tip Off for new ideas on how to use your oils.
  4. Everything you need to know about the products can be found at doterra.com


Additional Resources For Starting and Growing An Essential Oils Business

  1. Take up the opportunity to be mentored by our essential oil guru, Annelise.  Get in touch:  annelise.remigio@gmail.com.
  2. In the meantime, click here for resources and information to find out if an essential oil business is for you.