My Story

You might be surprised to know that I have 4 fractures in my spine, a low lumbar Spondylolithesis, have been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters syndrome in my knees/lower legs, Scheuermann's Disease in my thoracic spine as well as sciatica and severe sacroiliac joint dysfunction in my time.

In my twenties I was basically a hot mess! I was stiff as a board and in a world of extreme pain. I had been discharged from my physio and sports physician as I had reached the end of my road with my treatment options with them. My prognosis was to give up physical exercise, have my nerve endings lasered off every 6-12 months to prevent the pain signals from reaching my brain, and I was referred to a psychologist to help me deal with the fact I was facing a lifetime of chronic and debilitating back pain.

As luck would have it someone recommended Pilates to me and the rest is history.....

I feel SO incredibly lucky to have had these experiences, and while I wouldn't wish them on anyone, I have learnt so much from them. They completely altered the trajectory of my life to the amazing place it is today where I get to share my love of quality, life transforming movement therapy with lovely people.

It all sounds easy now to say 'the rest is history', and it looks easy if you watch me move today. I am stronger and more flexible than I (and my team of health professionals) ever thought possible. What’s more, I grow stronger and even more flexible with every passing year… the opposite of what people put down to just 'ageing'. And ageing? Well to quote Joesph Pilates, you are only as young as your spine is flexible. A 30 year old with a stiff spine is like an 80 year old and vice versa.

Food for thought!

It wasn't easy though. It was hard. There were lots and lots of tears and frustration and set backs along the way. I never knew where I was going in my journey, only that I just kept persisting with my exercises and SLOWLY, SLOWLY, my pain free time went from 30 a couple of half a day. My first pain free day I cried again, but this time with astonishment and joy.

Even as I physically improved, the mental journey took many more years to progress through. I identified as someone with a 'bad back', with 'chronic, debilitating pain' and as someone with many weaknesses that were 'not my fault' but my poor outcome in the genetic lottery. I hung onto these excuses or stories I was telling myself, that were holding me from the self responsibility I needed to step into the final stage of my recovery.

If someone said to me, in 18 years you will still be doing Pilates, I would have been shocked! If they told me how incredible the difference would be in my life, I wouldn't believe them. It has been beyond what I believed to be in the realms of possibility.

I am going to be 10 years older in another 10 years time (no surprises there)... but I know confidently, that I'm not growing older, I'm growing least in feeling, moving AND vitality. There is so much more JOY in my life that comes from moving well!

Here’s another bombshell. You're going to be 10 years older in 10 years time too.

Are you going to grow 10 years older and more physically uncomfortable?... Or can you imagine what your life would look like and you you will feel in ten years, if you invest just one hour a week with us on the mat.

Do you want to grow older or grow younger over this next decade?

Commit to yourself and try our unique blend of Contemporary Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training. The dividends from your investment will surpass your wildest dreams!

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Gemma x