Doterra Wholesale Customers

So, you love these essential oils and want to find the smartest way to buy them so that you can score the best discounts and maybe earn free product or even start your own essential oil business.

If this is you, then follow these steps to place your order.  If you have any questions please get in touch with us via the contact box below so we can direct you to one of our essential oil gurus :)

  1. Log into our beautiful essential oil shopping cart.
  2. Select "Join & Save" from the top menu bar.  
  3. A new window will open.  Select your language and country.  Press "Start Shopping".
  4. The Enrollment Window will open.  You will be asked to select which country you would like to ship from.  Most items are available from Australia, in which case you select "Begin Shopping".  A selection of items (including all supplements) are only available to be shipped from the U.S.  If you would like to ship from the U.S. you choose the "Begin NFR Shopping". If you are not sure which country to choose, start by choosing Australia.  You can change the shipping location at any stage with any order.
  5. Next you choose between becoming a Preferred Member or opening a Wholesale Account.  Only Wholesale Members qualify for the Free Product of the Month.  Wholesale Members get the most significant discounts and are able to on-sell products.  If you would like more information about starting your own essential oil business, then please contact
  6. The "About You" window will open.  Fill out all information, read and agree to the terms and conditions and "Continue".
  7. The shopping cart will open.  Select your initial order, meaning your $35 Introductory Packet plus the first products you'd like to chose by searching the names of the oils or products, OR pick an enrolment kit and your $35 (which is the best deal!  Our recommendation is The Essentials Collection Kit with free Slim & Sassy and Enrolment (Australian Shipping) called The Family Physician Kit in USA.
  8. Those with a wholesale account, set up your optional Loyalty Program.  You'll definitely want to look at this because it's going to save you a TON of money.  You get back free product and product credit each month.  Loyalty Orders can be changed every month and all Loyalty Orders (LRP) over 125 product points (PV) earn you the Free Product of the Month.  Loyalty Orders over 50PV advances your product credit percentage, so that you end up earning 30% of every PV you spend, back as free shopping credits!  You can cancel your LRP at any time by emailing  
  9. Once you have finished shopping, choose "Check Out" from the menu at the top right of screen (between "Home" and "Help").  That's it, super easy, step by step.  Then you will have access to wholesale prices and fantastic support through Sense of Space.  

If you already know you would like to build your own essential oil business, then please contact us below for more information or to arrange an interview.  We offer wonderful education, training and support to help you grow!