Meet Ashlee, our newest Pilates & TRX Instructor!


Growing up in Perth as a dancer Ashlee fell in love with the stage and later found herself running away with a circus/freakshow to travel the world as a burlesque and cabaret fire eater! 

In 2013 she became a qualified Xtend Barre instructor and began her Pilates training which opened up a whole new world of passion seeing her ground her feet a little more in Perth. 

Ashlees goal in class is always to have fun with movement, help people to feel better than they did when they walked through the door (hopefully having had a laugh along the way) and help you feel the burn that ignites you from the inside out! 

Ashlee is covering for Martina on Wednesday evenings.  Join her for TRX at 5pm, or Pilates at 4pm or 5.35pm!