Roadworks & Timetable Changes

The roadworks in Subiaco these past few weeks have made life interesting to say the least.  It's been quite fun looking out the window during class to see a digger swinging by!  The unfortunate side to the roadworks is obviously the parking and traffic issues.  As much as they are to be expected, they can still be very frustrating.  Please make sure you leave extra room to find parking and to walk to the studio....Barker Road is an excellent choice, with plenty of free 2hr spots available and still an easy walk to Sense of Space.

Last month I discovered the impact the roadworks had when the AFL is on!  A drive from a corporate client only 8 minutes away, took me 32 minutes and I almost didn't make it to teach the 5.35pm class!  While the weekend games shouldn't be impacted any further by the roadworks, we have no choice but to cancel the games that are scheduled around peak hour on weekdays until the works are finished.  The combination of peak hour, roadworks and AFL traffic will make Sense of Space virtually inaccessible.

The only night game effected to date in June is Thursday 15th.  We have cancelled all evening classes.  Please note that parking restrictions will still be in place for the morning and day time classes.

There is a game over this long weekend, on Sunday 4th June at 2.40pm.  This may impact Candlelight Yoga at 5.15pm.  The only other game scheduled thus far for June is Saturday 24th in the late afternoon.

Please note the events page for Domain Stadium, so you can leave yourself extra time to get to the studio, or early cancel yourself out of your booked class.

Please see some tips below to avoid any delays or stress:

  • Allow yourself extra time to get to the studio due to heavy traffic.
  • Is possible, leave your car behind and use the CAT Bus, train or walk if possible to the studio.
  • If you know someone who lives in Subiaco, ask if you can park there.
  • If your only option is to drive, please note parking around Subiaco will be restricted, please ensure you read and obey all signage to avoid any fines.
  • Coghlan Road outside the studio and also on the northside of Churchill Avenue normally have some unrestriced parking, but please don't bank on it as there may be none available when you get there.
  • Crossways Shopping Centre also has parking, you can try there but again, please allow some extra time as you will get a nice warm up as you walk the extra distance to the studio.