Congratulations to our May Superstars!

We love to give a shout out to our top ten attenders every month.  It's interesting to watch what happens to people when they start coming to class an extra time or two each week.  It's not just the physical changes, you can tell they have so much more energy.  The most common answer we get when we ask them how they are feeling is, "Amazing!".

Our May Superstars were:

  1. Marie C
  2. Danielle G
  3. Erin B
  4. Kerry S
  5. Jenine S
  6. Tyson C
  7. Nicola R
  8. Karen T
  9. Kari M
  10. Laurance A

Four special mentions this month:

Firstly, to Jessica S who almost made the list at number 11.  Jess was also in our Beginner course back in March and has been loving her new membership, usually coming to 4 classes each week.  We love to see our Beginners flourish!  Similarly with Tyson C and Danielle G, our second and third special mention.  Both Tyson and Danielle started with us in January and have made it to the top 10 ever since starting classes!

Lastly, I want to take my hat off to Laurance A, who started with us late in 2014.  Laurance had been regularly attending an average of two classes per week and then recently took part in our Easter Wellness Challenge.  As a result he tried new classes he wouldn't have normally done, including Yoga Release on Wednesday nights and been a regular at Balance Play.  All of our team have noticed just how much his strength and mobility have improved again lately.  Laurance has been telling us just how thrilled he is with the results of taking up more classes....oh, and he turned 70 on his last birthday!

Hats of to you guys!!