Nerine's Improvement in just 7 classes!

We teach a unique blend of Contemporary Pilates which we integrate with a in-depth (in-depth is an understatement!) movement therapy practice called Slings Myofascial Training.

I tell everyone that all they need to do is turn up each week, the rest will take care of itself. Nothing demonstrates this better than Nerine’s story below. Nerine joined our Term 4 Monday night class at Carine and has committed to attending one class per week. It’s been a joy to help her rediscover her confidence in moving, watch her pain decrease and her stability improve.

And it’s only the beginning!….Nerine, it’s going to be fun to compare this story in another 6 months! Gemma x

Here is Nerine’s story:

“I had a significant back injury in March this year – disc protrusion and numbness from lower back to toes inclusive of the outer side of my leg the whole way down.  This led to months of Physio, hydro & remedial massage….after the initial ambulance ride and lots of meds, more than I have ever had!  After clearance from my Physio and lots of emails back and forth I ventured to Gemma’s pilates class.  In hindsight I was quite scared, as it had been a long road.  Gemma was very patient with me and made modifications as I needed.  The class has varied each week which has helped different parts of the body and kept me interested.  I have not been sore after the classes and found I have had less aches and pains.  I was still getting a lot of generalised back ache after being on my feet all day which has diminished almost completely. Thanks Gemma, I am loving your classes and feeling so much better for them!” - Nerine H, Nov 2018.