Love Your Pelvic Floor Workshop

Love Your Pelvic Floor with both Martina and Gemma  

We invite you to join this informative and experiential workshop that we believe every person should take. No experience necessary. Beginners welcomed.

✔Learn the anatomy of your pelvic floor muscles (for men and women) and discover that too much pelvic floor tone is equally dysfunctional to not enough pelvic floor tone.

✔Experience how you can access your pelvic floor muscles even if you are unable to sense/feel them, through gentle pelvic alignment and specific exercises.

✔Learn the connection between the breath and your pelvic floor and why not breathing correctly can be having a huge impact on your pelvic floor function. 

✔Learn how to perform different pelvic floor exercises that target specific functions of your pelvic floor muscles.

✔ Find out when referral is necessary to other health professionals and what is involved.

✔ Martina and Gemma have over 30 years of teaching experience between them and will be providing personalised attention to ensure you get the most benefit possible.

Investment: $55.  

DATE: Saturday 6 July

TIME:  2pm - 3.30pm

VENUE:  Innaloo. 369 Scarborough Beach Road, Innaloo (Active Women’s Fitness)