Client Spotlight - Meet Kristy

Q.  Tell us about yourself.

I'm a mobile bridal hairdresser and mum of 3 young girls.


Q. How long have you been practicing Pilates & Yoga?

2 years.


Q. Why did you start?

Having had 3 babies in 3 years I felt like I needed to do something for myself. I was keen to get back into fitness but wanted to ease my body into something. Also I had concern for my pelvic floor muscles and wanted to strengthen.


Q. How has your practice changed over time?

I've definitely felt stronger in my core and my pelvic floor.


Q. What brings you back to the mat week after week?

Me time! 


Q. How long have you been coming to Sense of Space?

2 years.


Q. What is your favourite thing about Sense of Space?

The variety of classes and teachers, every class is different.


Q. Are you working on any projects outside the studio?

Yes I've recently started to get back to my passion and that's doing bridal hair! 


Check out Kristy's Event & Bridal Hair on facebook for a special offer for Sense of Space readers, or visit Kristy at the Swan Valley Wedding Open Day July 5.