So your Home Essentials kit what?

Are you wondering where to start with all of these bottles in front of you?  Think of the following as a quick reference guide to each of the oils in your kit, that you can save or print and revisit time and time again.  Pick one or two to start getting to know and as you gain experience and confidence using those, move on to another.  Before long you will be amazed at how these little bottles will help you and your family.

NOTE: The following links show the US prices and PV for each oil.  These differ slightly to the Australian prices and PV due to differences in currency.  Some products are named differently in Australia but we have included both the US and Australian names below.


How to care for your diffuser

Click here for the instructions.  

What is your favourite combination to diffuse?  Share your favourite in the comments below so we can all give it a try!


Single Oils

Click on the name of each oil to download the tips sheet.







DoTERRA Blends

 Ice Blue/Deep Blue

Easy Air/Breathe


On Guard


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