Have you joined the Product of the Month Club?

Loyalty Rewards Program Order

The smartest way to buy products is through DoTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program, which not only qualifies you for wholesale pricing, but allows you to receive 10-30% of your purchase in free product points.  

Earning 30% In Free Product Points

Your starting percentage is based on the kit you purchased when you received your wholesale membership.  The percentage at which you earn product points grows over time.  If your order is 50PV or more every month, your percentage increases 5% every three months until you reach 30%.  

PV refers to Personal Volume.  Each product has a specific PV.  In many cases is roughly the equivalent of the wholesale cost of the product.  PV is shown each time you make an order or can be found in the price list.  

Shipping Reward Program

DoTERRA even give you the chance to earn 100% of your shipping costs back as product points!  They automatically reimburse you 100% in product points, every time you place your loyalty order online.  If you call Member Services to place your order, they reimburse you 50% of your shipping costs in product points.

Product of the Month Club

A Loyalty Rewards Order placed between the 1st and 15th of each month, equal to 125PV or more, qualifies a Wellness Advocate to participate in the Product of the Month Club.  Wellness Advocates participating in the Product of the Month Club automatically receive a free product with their order.

Product Promotions

DoTERRA regularly offers monthly product promotions.  These promotions are announced on the first of each month and are typically based on order PV.  Setting your Loyalty Rewards Order for any date after the first allows you to adjust your order if you wish to participate in the product promotion.