Wondering if an Essential Oils Business is for you?

If you are like us and feeling excited and empowered by these tools to improve your family's health, you naturally want to tell others about them.  Why not get rewarded for sharing the healthy lifestyle you love?

DoTERRA who were named one of Forbes top 10 employers of 2016, make sharing our passion for oils both easy and rewarding.  Partnering with Sense of Space ensures you are joining a professional team of individuals who genuinely love these products, are knowledgeable and happy to share their knowledge and resources with you by mentoring you through the process of starting your business.  

Whether your ambition is small or large, we will support you.

Step One:  Get to know doTERRA

  1. Visit doterra.com to learn about the company, the business opportunity and find detailed information on every product.
  2. Subscribe to DoTERRA's youtube channel and be sure to watch all of Dr Hill's educational videos. 

Step Two:  Get to know how we will help you

Contact Annelise to set up an obligation free phone or in-studio meeting, at annelise.remigio@gmail.com.

Handy Resources for now and later

  1. Doterra Tools is where you will find all the forms, flyers, training guides and more!  Choose Training Tools from the menu, then Tools by Market A-Z, then choose Australia.  
  2. Ensure you use only compliant language when talking about the oils.  DoTERRA have an approved claim list which is a valuable list to download and even print out as a reference.  
  3. Plan your first class!  DoTERRA make it so easy to run a class with their fantastic Empower Kit. This is your complete tool kit to run an essentials oil class effectively.  It includes a Welcome Letter and Step by Step Guide on how to use the kit.  You get 30 invites, outlines, order forms and enrolment kit flyers and 10 Wild Orange oils that are valued at $47 alone!