Congratulations Natalie! Grand Prize Winner of our Winter Attendance Challenge!

Q.  Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in the eastern states and moved to Perth about 18 years ago for work, intending to stay a year or two and I’m still here. My husband and I live in Subiaco with our little fur-ball and my husband’s daughter. I completed my law degree in Sydney before moving to Perth and worked as a lawyer until around 7 years ago when I decided it was time for a change to a less stressful career. I currently work for a Japanese company in Perth in the IT department. I love travelling with an element of adventure or activity – climbing mountains, biking across the countryside, trekking through the jungle – but also love a relaxing holiday in a resort. Apart from yoga, I enjoy a lot of other sport and activities – exercise makes me happy.


 Q.  How long have you been practicing Pilates & Yoga?

 I first tried yoga about 10 years ago and tried an occasional class but didn't start regular classes in 2013.


 Q.  Why did you start?

 I have always done a lot of running, and had developed a few injuries from over use/over training. I needed something to improve my strength and flexibility to help me prepare for my first full marathon. A friend at work gave me a free pass to a yoga class - it was much different to what I remembered from my past experiences, but maybe it was more my attitude that had changed - and I was hooked!


Q.  How has your practice changed over time?

Well I can know touch my toes which I really struggled to do when I first started! I am a lot stronger and more flexible but also a lot more familiar with the poses and putting it all together. I surprised myself on a recent work trip by actually doing yoga in my hotel room or in the park without an instructor or an app telling me what to do. Also the motivation of the winter challenge helped a lot to make that happen.


 Q.  What brings you back to the mat each week?

 I am generally motivated to exercise so it's more of a challenge keeping me away! Yoga is now just a part of my day – it’s just something I want to do. With some of the timetable changes recently, working away and some other unexpected commitments I have found it hard to get to classes in the past week or two and I've really missed it. I love the style of the instructors at Sense of Space and their gentle encouragement to push me a bit further each time and the challenges of a power vinyasa class. Looking forward to getting back to normal shortly. 


 Q.  How long have you been coming to Sense of Space? 

 I joined sense of space in January 2014 on the introductory special and haven’t looked back.


 Q.  What is your favourite thing about Sense of Space?

 The fantastic teachers and the convenient location. 


Thanks Natalie for being in our Client Spotlight this month and congratulations again on blitzing our 2015 Winter Attendance Challenge! 

Natalie took home the Grand Prize of three months Pilates & Yoga membership and a full goodie bag with all sorts of special treats, all to the value of $665!


"Thank you Sense of Space for starting the winter attendance challenge. I spent my past 2 winters training for marathons -with many, many hours devoted to running - and now that my running is limited by injuries, I wanted something else to focus my efforts. The challenge came at the perfect time for me - physically and mentally - and I want to thank all my amazing yoga teachers for their fantastic classes every week. It's been a great experience and I'm feeling much stronger for it. Thank you Porscha,Natalie, Jill and Gina (and previously Kayoko) for your fantastic energy and encouragement. I'm so grateful to have found such lovely teachers for this journey. I love coming to your classes and always miss it if I can't be there. Back on the mat tomorrow. xx"