Meet Mavra on Sundays for Candlelight Yoga

Mavra was introduced to Hatha Yoga as a child by her father. She has been practising almost daily from age 13, exploring different styles by herself or under the guidance of various teachers in France, Scotland, Austria and Australia.

From her early 20ies she felt ready to share her knowledge and experience with others and started teaching casually. Mavra found her Yoga Master in Perth, who allowed her through his teachings and mentoring to bring her physical and spiritual practice to a new level while progressively building and strengthening her teaching skills.

She took her 200h Teacher Training in Bali in April 2014 with the American school I-Flow Yoga. She likes the fluid pace of Vinyasa which allows creativity in sequence design.

In her classes, Mavra insists on reminding practitioners that the health benefits of Yoga come from finding and working at one’s honest edge in a posture while maintaining easy, constant breathing.

She understands Yoga as the science of wisdom that teaches us how to release emotional blockages hidden in the body and keep a clear, steady mind while embracing and peacefully navigating the impermanence of life.

Mavra is also a passionate belly dance teacher who sees in this beautiful, multi-facetted art a powerful healing tool for women to express and reconnect with their inner feminine identity.