The Unexpected Benefits of Pilates & Yoga

I have had some great conversations this week, talking to some of you about the unexpected benefits of your Pilates and Yoga practice.  Most people expect to get stronger, more supple and pain free but is this what keeps them coming back to the mat?  Is it what motivates you?  

More often than not it is actually other factors, like the unexpected calmness that begins to pervade our mental state when we aren't on the mat, our decreasing stress levels that impact upon multiple areas of our lives, our ability to wind down and enjoy a new found quality of sleep, that are some of the magical changes that inspire us to make our practice an essential part of our lives.  

For some of us, these factors are often the trigger to make a new career choice and share their passion and ignite a spark in others.

Several of you have commented on how great it is I can still be participating in classes with now only two weeks remaining in my pregnancy.  Compared with my first pregnancy, I am doing probably half of what I was the first time around (running Sense of Space and running after a 3 year old are time consuming but that is real life!).  The beauty of simply turning up to class week after week, year after year, is that I need to do less and less to continue to get stronger, more flexible and remain pain free - whether I am 38 weeks pregnant or not.  The other beautiful thing is I am simply participating in an activity that sparks joy within me, enriches my life and makes me a happier person to be around. To me, this is the most unexpected and precious gift and the one I hope you discover for yourself by sticking with your practice over the first challenging few weeks.

See you around the studio soon!

Gemma James

Sense of Space Studio Director

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