Welcome Monica!

Monica teaches Barre and Yoga and has just joined the growing team at Sense of Space.

"Since my youth I have had a passion for natural healing and therapies. I was born and grew up in Africa, which has given me the gift to understand the beauty and power of nature, the importance of the community and the powerful energy of the woman. When I was 7 years old we moved to beautiful Tuscany where we embraced all the Italian culture has to offer.

It was not until 2005 that I undertook studies in Natural Medicine at the ANEA College in Italy that I found my vocation. Here I completed training in Natural Healing, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meditation.

To compliment my studies I started practising Yoga. To my amazement by practising yoga daily, I was able to heal an old neck injury from Ballet. The neck pain I had been suffering disappeared.

Since then Yoga has not only healed me, but helped me to be mindful, relieve stress and find joy in my daily life, I decided to further my training in this area. In 2013 I received my Hatha Teacher certificate.

During my pregnancy with my son Liam, and after his birth I continued practising Yoga. It helped me to fully embrace my pregnancy and be connected with my growing baby. It gave me a much stronger passion for yoga and I decided to commit myself to helping other woman during their pregnancy journey.

This experience lead me to take further training in this area having recently completed the Mums & Bubs, prenatal and postnatal Yoga Teacher certificate.

I believe in the relationship between mind, body, spirit and how it influences our health. Many of us have lost the connection with nature and don't listen to their body. We need to empower our selves and trust our body. We have all the ability to maintain and restore Balance and Health.

During my classes I hope to encourage others to empower and reinvigorate themselves by being active, both physically and mentally through the practice of asanas (yoga poses) and meditation. My style of yoga teaching combines dynamic, gentle and relaxing techniques to release you from stress and invigorate the soul."