Guest Post - art of motion training in movement

Finally Spring has arrived! She is gracing us with her warm air and encouraging morning light, her palette of wild flowers and her ensemble of buzzing bees, song birds and butterflies.
I know I am not the only one who is loving the opportunity to be outside more, to be moving more freely and feeling that energizing, mobilising, inspiring time in the calendar and seasonal year.

Nature intends that Spring brings new life and growth...naturally we ponder what 'new life' will we bring to our own experience and growth.  Have you thought about what Contemporary Pilates can add to YOUR life?

Whether you're already an experienced Pilates or movement therapy professional OR you know nothing about it, keep reading!
And here's why:

Experiencing art of motion will spark your curiosity fire; it will shine a light on the shadows of your knowledge and illuminate your potential. Evoking the power of your independent thinking will lead to thinking laterally, freely and enable you to create movement strategies for the individual person standing in front of you. You will harness and expand the resources of yourself the teacher, and of the person looking to you for guidance. You will truly lead them closer toward their movement joy.

This is our intention for all who learn with art of motion, whether you are fresh on the mat and this is completely new to you, fresh in front of a class and want to bring new life to your career, or have been teaching for years and want to breathe new life into your style. 
Does that sound like it's for you?!

We believe that structure, boundaries, frameworks and concepts within education leaves room for creativity and individuality, and we want to help you find and experience yours.  

So, if you would like to be able to teach others a movement therapy and practice with the knowledge of holistic anatomy and modern science of motion, then check out how you can experience part or all of our Pilates Foundation Education modules - structured for the both the experienced and aspiring Pilates teacher. 
We can't wait to see you in 2017.

Happy Spring! 

Warm Wishes
Amy & the art of motion Team