A Warm Welcome To Our New Sense Of Spacers!

We would like to warmly welcome all those who took their first class with us last month:
Allison A, Sarah B, Nicole C, Kerrie C, Caroline D, Nadia F, Emelie G, Johnny G, Kirstin G, Adelene H, Allicia H, Liz H, Kim H, Emma H, Caisey H, Rose J, Elle K, Elise K, Colleen L, Lindsay L, Michelle M, Kelly M, Sarah N, Giselle P, Emily R, Emma R, Holly S, Tania S, Shellee S, Nick S, Emma T, Emma W, Emily W, Emma W, Diana W, Victoria W, Kellie Y, Marta Z.
We hope you had a great first experience with us and encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.