Rebecca's Experience at Sense of Space

Rebecca is a brand new client to Sense of Space, having only taken her very first class last month.  She stumbled across Sarah's class and has since been back every Friday morning without fail.  

"I first tried Yoga at Sense of Space a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with the class that Sarah delivers on a Friday morning. The balance between Yoga teachings & stories, relaxation and breathing exercises, mindfulness, and Yoga poses that are fairly challenging for me is perfect. I always leave feeling really balanced, happy and ready to take on the day. I am in the middle of finding my own balance with rheumatoid arthritis and this Yoga class has been one of the only ones I have found that has been the right mix of relaxation and work. I can see that Sarah puts a lot of work in to the preparation of her classes and making sure they target everyday issues that we deal with- both mind and body. I am looking forward to trying some other classes at the studio."

Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing your feedback with us.  It means a great deal to us when our clients give us feedback.  We would love it if you could please take a minute to Rate Us on Facebook as this helps us a great deal in telling others about Sense of Space.