Keep The Winter Bugs Away!

Want to find a natural alternative to artificially flavoured throat drops?  Or make DIY products without all the nasties?  Then you need to get to know On Guard - a blend of Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark & Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf and Rosemary Leaf and Flower, essential oils.  

We diffuse On Guard fairly often because it smells so gorgeous but during winter, if any member of our family has a hint of a sore throat or cold, we put it in all the diffusers (we have one in each bedroom as well as our living area) and roll it on everyone's feet.  It supports the immune system and boosts the body's defences.  For sore throats or mouth ulcers, nothing is more effective than a drop of On Guard in 250ml of milk (we use almond milk at home) tastes a little like a chai latte too.  These days doterra have bought out On Guard throat drops which are great for kids, mine think they are lollies (not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing really).

We also make our own kitchen surface spray just with white vinegar, water, a small squirt of washing up liquid and 10 drops of On Guard.  I love not worrying about chemical residues on benchtops.  

There are heaps of DIY recipes but here are some good ones to get you started:

Make Your Own Hand Spray (Kmart sell metal spray bottles for a couple of dollars - with oils, only use glass or metal, not plastic!)

Make Your Own Deoderant

And while a drop in a cup of milk is fast and easy (just watch you don't put two drops in by mistake, if you do, double the milk!), check out this delish recipe.  

On Guard Pumpkin Smoothie.   I love pumpkin pie spices and actually make my own with a recipe like this one.

On Guard is diffusing this month at Sense of Space...enjoy it's aroma and benefits!  You can purchase On Guard either alone, or it comes in some of the starter kits doterra offers.  We recommend the Home Essentials kit, it's awesome.  

For more info, check out our oils page.