Pilates & Slings

Last week we welcomed Martina home after an epic seven and half weeks away in Europe...half holidays and half filming more Slings Myofascial Training with our dearest friend and co-founder of Sense of Space, Karin Gurtner.

Sense of Space was founded upon Contemporary Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training.....although this was before fascia and functional training became buzz words, and so we kept calling our classes 'Pilates' although there was always a sprinkling of Slings magic into every class.

We have come to realise that we need to clearly differentiate our class names, so that it is easier for people to see at a glance, what style of class they are booking into.  Over the coming months, our timetable and website will reflect these changes.  You will begin to see the names Pilates, Contemporary Pilates and Pilates & Slings classes on the timetable.  Nothing of course will change, we will continue to deliver the highest quality movement classes that are right on the cutting edge of education and innovation from the movement industry around the globe.  







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