Bon Voyage Judith...(she's walking to Jerusalem!)

Yes, you read correctly.  Judith is about to embark on a five month walk across Europe; from London to Jerusalem, covering over 3000km!

It is with a twinge of sadness I write this because we will miss you very much, Judith.  We wish you a wonderful trip and we can't wait to hear an update while you are away.

We first met Judith back at the very first open day for Sense of Space six and a half years ago. Judith is an inspirational woman and it's been a pleasure to have her as a client and watch her progress over the years, especially since she had a right hip replacement six months ago and has been into Pilates, Balance Play and TRX classes since.

Please read our Client Spotlight on Judith:

Q. Tell us about yourself. 

I'm a 66 year old grandma who discovered walking when I retired from medical practice three years ago

Q. How long have you been practicing Pilates & Yoga?

Since about 2004

Q. How long have you been coming to Sense of Space?

Since they started up. The place I was attending closed down and one of the staff was moving to work with Gemma and Martina who were just opening up, so I followed on.

Q. Why did you start?

In the beginning I wanted a gentle form of exercise, but once I started my body felt so much better and my mind was more relaxed, I became somewhat addicted.

Q. How has your practice changed over time?

I come more frequently. When I was working I came once or twice a week, but now I come 4-5 times a week.

Q. What brings you back to the mat week after week?

I feel incredibly well and "loose" at the end of the session. I think I get a bit of an endorphin rush as well. Last  year I fell off a ladder , broke my hip and had to have a total hip replacement. I'm sure I recovered as well as I did due to my level of fitness which was due to Pilates. I'm now training up to do a long walk across Europe (3150km in 5 months) and the Pilates is an essential part of this training. In 2015  I walked from Vienna to Trieste which is just over 500 km ( with backpack) and my body carried me well - not even any blisters, and I thank Pilates for this. I had never walked before.  Hopefully it will be the same this time.

Q. What is your favourite thing about Sense of Space?

The staff! Wonderful, patient and give helpful feedback, monitoring posture and correcting malpositioning during class. Also the classes are varied. I prefer the slow stretch and strengthen, rather than athletic Pilates, so I'm able to chose the classes which suit my body and psyche.