Our NEW timetable, all thanks to you!

Guys, I can't thank you enough for the fantastic response to our suggestion box.  I am so grateful for all of your comments and suggestions. The final draft of our new timetable is complete and I only lost a few sleepless nights and gained a few grey hairs in the process :)  

I have tried to accommodate as many of your suggestions as possible, and where they were conflicting suggestions about the same time or class, I went with the majority of feedback.  At the end of the day, so much of what I can achieve with the timetable is dependent on the availability of my extraordinary team of Instructors.  Whilst it would be easy just to recruit instructors to fill my timetable based on class types, I don't want to compromise the quality of instructors that complete my team.  After completing their Diploma in Slings Myofascial Training, our instructors include some of the highest qualified worldwide and I hope you are as pleased to have them teach you as I am to have them part of my team. I am very lucky to have each and every one of them at Sense of Space.

For those of you who are as disappointed as I am that that Kelly is no longer available to teach the Barre/TRX combo on Saturday, I have good news! Kelly has made herself available to move the class to a Wednesday morning instead (we will have morning classes four days a week now!).  The Saturday class was our 1st trail of Barre/TRX combined and Kelly has done a fabulous job and the feedback we received was everyone who attended it, really enjoyed it.  Whilst I would have liked it to remain on Saturday, finding a qualified teacher with the expertise in both disciplines hasn't been possible.  

To sum up the changes, our new timetable includes:

  • 6pm Pilates classes on Tuesday and Thursday, due to popular demand.
  • 4pm Yoga on Thursdays
  • Barre on Tuesday night (one more class to be added when we find a new teacher).
  • 7pm TRX Thursdays
  • A brand new class, Pilates 101.
  • Barre/TRX Combo back!  New time Wednesday mornings.
  • 9.15am and 10.15am classes Tuesday through Friday.

Three important notes: 

  1. Most timetable changes will take place as of the week beginning Monday 15 May.  Some of our timetable changes cannot take place until Martina returns toward the end of May.  Changes will be made each week in the online schedule so please keep checking online as changes are made.
  2. Secondly, our timetable will evolve based on attendance.  Classes will be cancelled or moved if they don't prove popular. 
  3. We have had so many requests for barre classes, that barre will be returning to Tuesday nights at 7pm and we are looking for a new barre teacher to join our team, at this stage for a Saturday afternoon timeslot.  If you would like a different time, PLEASE let us know ASAP so we can try to provide exactly what you want.



May 2017 Timetable