NEW CLASS: Pilates 101

Pilates 101 bear

Now this is a funny story.  One of our new clients, Anna, who started with our beginner course in February asked if we could put on a class (and I quote!) "for those who would rather be at the coffee shop", "for those allergic to lycra", "for the unmotivated, the lazy, the unfit and inflexible".  

I have been laughing till I have cried reading all of her comments (trust me, there's more)!  However, it did get me thinking.  I've decided to trial a class that is suitable for anyone who might want a slower pace; perhaps they are new and a little apprehensive about joining a group mat class, or perhaps they have an injury or are worried about getting up and down off the floor.  

Pilates 101 will commence on Tuesday 16 May at 10.15am.  We are also offering Balance Play on Thursdays at the same timeslot of 10.15am to complement this class.