Transform Yourself Inside and Out

This winter, it's time to make the commitment - to yourself. 

Join Kelly for 6 weeks of "you" time incorporating movement, release and reflection to discover natural patterns, your true potential and what is important to you. 

We don't often gift ourself this time for stillness and contemplation so this package will allow you to move in a 75 minute session flowing between intense barre and TRX components and balance this with Pilates, work-shopping and reflection with a herbal tea in hand. 

An opportunity to embody the balance between intensity and nurturing that we require in other areas of our lives. 

  • Starts:  Wednesday 19th July
  • Time:  75 minute class.  9.45am - 11am
  • Price: $149
  • Book with a friend and both enjoy a 10% discount.  Email to redeem.