Congrats to our July Superstars!

Nice to see 3 fellas in our Superstar list this month (our top 10 attenders)!  If you didn't catch our recent facebook post, sharing the article, 'Why More Men Are Turning To Pilates', here is the article and the post comment below.  Scroll down to the bottom to find out who made our top 10...

"People are often surprised to find out that Pilates was named after it's founder....a man....Joseph Pilates! Thankfully we have seen in recent years that more and more men are coming to our studio, and what's more, we retain the vast majority of our male clients, some of whom are our top attenders month in, month out. Hats off to you fellas!! 
Hope this post inspires a few more men to try us for themselves. Wives, girlfriends, if you are reading this, tag your fella and encourage him to come along. Remember you can bring a friend for free all winter!"

Congratulations go to:

  1. Nichola R
  2. Jenine S
  3. Elisabeth S
  4. Marie C
  5. Shani M
  6. Vesna M
  7. Tyson C
  8. David V
  9. Marcelle G
  10. Laurance A