Who were our August Superstars??

Congratulations to our top 10 attenders in August!  We love how much value you get from being a member and how much each of you contribute to the friendly, welcoming and relaxed vibe we have at Sense of Space.  Thank you.

A special mention must go out to Diya and Vesna.  Diya hit our top 10 attenders in her first 30 day intro period (we LOVE when that happens!), and Vesna only became a member this month!!  Very nice work ladies....we know you are already feeling the rewards of your efforts and we commend you for your dedication to your health and wellness.

Guys, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to review us on facebook, as you help us spread the word about how quality movement changes lives.

  1. Kerry S
  2. Shani M
  3. David V
  4. Erin B
  5. Jenine S
  6. Vesna M
  7. Nicola R
  8. Joe B
  9. Marie C
  10. Diya M