Our Unique Style of Pilates


Contemporary Pilates and Slings  

Typically in a Pilates class you will perform exercises that use your own body weight, or also gravity as resistance and occasionally a range of small props or apparatus as well.  Using gravity or your own body weight might not seem like much resistance we hear you say...but when you are holding ideal alignment while performing the movements, you suddenly realise just how much work it is!  People often feel they discover muscles they never knew they had!

Our teachers have undertaken unique educations in both Contemporary Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training.  These are delivered by the international training organisation, art of motion, based in Switzerland.  This world class training has given our teachers an excellent knowledge of functional anatomy, very clear teaching cues and the ability to sequence classes in a way that will nourish and transform you.

Pilates is optimally complemented by Slings Myofascial Training. The method is based on the latest findings in research supporting the body-wide interconnectedness of muscles and fascia (connective tissue). We can identify lines or “slings” that connect us from head to toes and extremities to trunk. Through this research we also have clearer information supporting how we can train more deliberately and holistically to include the fascia of the body.

The interplay and collaboration of muscles and fascia provide internal support, energy efficiency and adaptability to different life circumstances. The combination of Slings and Pilates optimises structural balance in the body. The result is improved performance and functionality in daily life. The aim is to enhance movement freedom because movement freedom improves every aspect of our quality of life!

You will find much variation in every class.  Each of our instructors has a unique style and will create a class around a topic.  While you will start to get to know some of the exercises well, each class will feel different.  All will leave you feeling wonderful!