Client Spotlight - Meet Leigh

Meet Leigh (pictured right with Martina)

Q. Tell us about yourself.

An avid traveller with a love of music and wildlife, I work as a Corporate Travel Consultant and relish my weekly Pilates classes.

Q. How long have you been practicing Pilates & Yoga?

I’ve been practicing Pilates for 9 months

Q. Why did you start?

I could see that my largely sedentary lifestyle would lead to long-term health problems if I didn’t start making some immediate changes.   Pilates had always appealed to me, so when I came across the Sense of Space Beginners Course, I jumped at the chance to try it - it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!

Q. How has your practice changed over time?

Initially I was simply focused on getting through a class, and becoming familiar with the Pilates movements and postures.  At the moment I’m working on better articulation of my movements and also the flow of breath (I tend to forget about the ‘breathing’ part – particularly in the more challenging classes when, by hours end, I’m struggling to tell my left from my right!) Oh – and I can now do a triceps push up!!!!!

Q. What brings you back to the mat week after week?

Martina’s teaching style is a big draw for me – I feel like I’m getting an anatomy lesson in addition to Pilates and that has helped me understand my body and the way it moves and reacts better.  My recurring neck and shoulder pain has significantly decreased in severity and I have learned exercises to alleviate the flare-ups that do occur (I’ve not had to visit the Chiropractor once in 9 months!).  Mostly though, I just feel so much better after each class – I have to really focus my full attention on each and every movement and there is something almost meditative about that – it’s relaxing and energising all at the same time and lasts long after the class has ended.

Q. How long have you been coming to Sense of Space?

Nine months

Q. What is your favourite thing about Sense of Space?

There is something so friendly and unpretentious about Sense of Space -  there’s a real sense of community and the team has been so welcoming and encouraging.  I know that I will always be challenged, learn something new, see some lovely people and have a good laugh whenever I visit :)

I'd never felt comfortable enough to stick at anything prior to Sense of Space - I always felt intimidated by the 'cool' people and the austere vibe of places, or alienated by the teaching style, so after a class or two, I'd never go back.  Sense of Space is the first place that I've been able to go where I feel that the teachers are genuine and kind, and even the clients are friendly and open.  There's nothing worse than feeling like you're being judged  (particularly when you are sweaty and gross and twisted into an unflattering pretzel shape!), but I've never ever felt uncomfortable or judged at Sense of Space and that's one of the reasons that I love coming.  You guys have done a beautiful job in maintaining an open, welcoming environment - coming to class really has become one of the highlights of my week  :)