Janine travels with the Australian Acrobatic Gymnastics Team to China

Last month our Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist, Janine, travelled with the Australian Acrobatic Gymnastics Team to Putian, China as the team physiotherapist. 

Having previously been an Australian Rhythmic Gymnast, Janine is passionate about giving back to the sport that gave her a number of opportunities as an athlete. When asked to travel with the Australian Acrobatics Team to the World Age Competition and World Championships as the team physiotherapist Janine was not only honoured but eager to make the most of this exciting opportunity. 

The Acrobatic World Age Competition is the pinnacle event for Junior International athletes, whilst the Acrobatic World Championships is one of the most prestigious international tournaments for Senior International gymnasts.  Both events are only held every two years, therefore athletes having extensive preparation periods and selection criteria to be selected to participate. This year’s competition featured gymnasts from powerhouse countries including Russia, China, Israel, USA and Great Britain with a spectacle of talent on display. 

Janine spent three weeks in China, treating the Australian team of 34 gymnasts ageing from 11 to 28 years of age, to ensure all the athletes injuries and musculoskeletal complaints were managed prior to and during competition.

“It was a fantastic experience to assist such an established and talented team of gymnasts from across the country, whilst also having the opportunity to interact with medical support staff from international counterparts.”

Janine offers Physiotherapy Postural and Movement Assessments at Sense of Space, which is ideal for clients who have pre-existing and/or new injuries and movement dysfunctions. In addition to a home exercise program, sessions also include tailored modifications for you to make during classes to ensure you are confident and comfortable throughout your Pilates and Yoga practice. For more information, visit our website.

To view highlights from this event, check our this 1.28 minute you tube video.