Welcome Kelly - Our Newest Barre, Pilates and TRX instructor

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When Kelly became qualified as a personal trainer in 2011, she knew deep down that her journey would take her beyond the gym environment... What she didn't imagine was that her focus in years to come would in fact be mindfulness, and that her passion would be encouraging mindfulness practice, whether it be during a workshop, pilates class, during one of the Wellness Retreats that she now runs, or even during a high intensity session.

She was once someone who tried to cram as much into her day as possible, train as hard as possible, and keep it together. There was a time when anxiety took control of her life. So to overcome this on her own and allow stillness, recognise the beauty of falling apart and invite opportunity to learn to be mindful during movement and eventually mindful as a practice, truly changed Kelly's course.

"When we become aware of how we move, how we hold ourselves, where our mind goes, what brings us joy, and what makes us feel not so awesome…we start making conscious choices. There is room for mindfulness in every single aspect of our lives, and it will C H A N G E your life. Let’s move because it feels awesome, nourish because food is amazing and should be celebrated, and strive for a life that is simple, yet blissful.

There is always more to learn, there is always more to share, and my commitment to you is that I will always be real, I will always be excited, I will always be silly. I will always seek out people who inspire me, because I want to inspire you."