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Have you heard the term, neutral pelvis or neutral spine, thrown around in Pilates class before?  Do you know what these mean and why they are relevant to you?  Too often new clients (instructors too) get fixated (pardon the'll see why) on being in a neutral position.  Rather than recruiting 'just enough' pelvic floor and deep abdominals to stabilise, they end up recruiting more than they need, over-doing it with obliques (and more but lets keep it simple) and rather than become stable, they actually become fixed, with diminished stability as a result.

There is no fast track to developing core stability, improved musculo-skeletal balance and better posture.  I cringe so often to see people thinking they are 'working their core' by doing god knows what at the gym.  What gets you there are three things:

1. Consistency - just turn up.  On a regular basis.  Once a week is enough if you stick with it.

2. Knowledge - find a knowledgeable instructor.  There is a huge diversity in understanding of human anatomy and physiology among teachers.  Choose wisely.

3. Be Curious -  mind body movement is an epic adventure into who you are, inside and out, and there is much to learn.  After working in this field for 15 years, I have never met a single person who regretted their time, effort and experiences, when they have #1 and #2 in place.

So, enjoy this educational video by my dear friend and colleague Karin.  She is one of my knowledgeable teachers and I am very happy to share her wisdom with you.