Events at Domain Stadium - Read Our Tips To Avoid Delays & Stress

This month, Subiaco will come to life with two big concerts:

  • Tuesday Feb 21 - Guns & Roses
  • Tuesday Feb 28 - Adele

On past occasions we have cancelled classes due to such events but you've told us that many of you would have still preferred to come to class.  Due to this we are going to run the classes as a trial.  If it works, we will no longer cancel classes when our timetable clashes with events at Domain Stadium.

Here are our tips to avoid unnecessary stress and delays on these evenings:  

  • Allow yourself extra time to get to the studio due to heavy traffic
  • Is possible, leave your car behind and use the CAT Bus, train or walk if possible to the studio
  • If you know someone who lives in Subiaco, ask if you can park there
  • If your only option is to drive, please note parking around Subiaco will be restricted, please ensure you read and obey all signage to avoid any fines.
  • Coghlan Road outside the studio and also on the northside of Churchill Avenue normally have some unrestriced parking, but please don't bank on it as there may be none available when you get there
  • Crossways Shopping Centre also has parking, you can try there but again, please allow some extra time as you will get a nice warm up as you walk the distance to the studio.

We will use these nights to decide if we can run classes during future events at Domain.